Recommended Readings This Week

Here are pieces from other writers and bloggers that have caught my attention in the last week or so.

1.  Left Foot Forward | Can the left learn to live with the self-employed? – Benedict Dellot.  

Can the left learn to live with the self-employed?

2. Stephen Tall | Why I am one of the 39 of Lib Dem members who thinks Nick Clegg should stand down as leader.

3.  London School of Economics British Politics and Policy Blog | Low voter turnout is clearly a problem, but a much greater worry is the growing inequality of that turnout – Matthew Flinders

4. Bleeding Heart Libertarians | Crony Capitalism and Crony Communism – Matt Zwolinski.  

Crony Capitalism and Crony Communism

5. Financial Times | Why I was won over by Glass Steagal – Luigi Zingales. [Registration required] (Article was written in 2012)

6. Sex and Censorship | Bad Taste Police Internet Blocking – Sephy Hallow 

The Bad Taste Police Censor the Internet

Happy Reading

[Amended to include the article by Sephy Hallow on the Sex and Censorship blog.]

Gareth Mawer
I consider myself a left libertarian committed to promoting the philosophy of liberty, even though I do not always support proposals that are normally considered libertarian. Georgism and mutualism have had profound influences over my beliefs, though I'm not afraid to digress from them were necessary. My mains interests are politics, economics and philosophy.