Gavin Schmidt on Complexity in Climate Models

The climate scientist Gavin Schmidt, of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, gives a TED talk about complexity in climate models. Complexity arises due to the fact that a climate model must be able to integrate micro climate events into an accurate macro climate model. The climate model must be able to track how events at different magnitudes of scale, whether that be at the atomic level or the global level, interact with one another to create an accurate portrayal of the operations of the Earth’s climate.

Climate scientists models though need to do more though. They also must produce accurate and more informative predictions about how changes to climate variables effects the Earth’s climate. Increasingly, our models are able to incorporate more phenomena at differing scales of magnitudes. Making our models more accurate.

Schmidt concludes that understanding the climate is one thing. It is how we act in response to the data that is of grave importance.

Gareth Mawer
I consider myself a left libertarian committed to promoting the philosophy of liberty, even though I do not always support proposals that are normally considered libertarian. Georgism and mutualism have had profound influences over my beliefs, though I'm not afraid to digress from them were necessary. My mains interests are politics, economics and philosophy.
  • robin smith

    Not only does the Georgist ideology have serious fundamental issues. So does the doctrine of climate change. In that it too has developed into a dogmatic ideology, in spite of the good science. Why is this a problem? Because now, no matter how compelling, any science discounting the idea of climate change will be rejected out of hand. The ideology has become concrete in the global social paradigm. Anyone who stands up to deliver more good science but in opposition to the existing science will be regarded as an iconoclast or nutter. Its too late to turn this around. This astonishing observation is compounded by the omission of nuclear power even by non greens. One is not allowed to bring it to the table any more, despite the possibility it can resolve carbon emission almost immediately (5 years) notwithstanding the ignorance around so called ‘waste’, safety and radiation hysteria.