Donald Trump: The Next President of the United States

Americans have recklessly decided to elect a misogynistic, racist, narcisstic, and demagogic psychopath as their next Commander in Chief. Americans want change and that is most certainly what they’ll get. The concern one must acknowledge is whether they’ll get more change than they bargained for.

His campaign for the Presidency and the Republican nomination was blighted by conspiracy theories, paranoia, bullying, bigotry, narcissism and psychopathy. This wasn’t under the cuff either, he’s explicitly made racist utterances and explicitly called into the question the result of a democractic election that was unfavourable to him. His temperant for the Presidency is non-existent and the campaign trail did little to make us believe he’s capable of tempering it. During the Presidential debates, he was easily baited by Hillary Clinton and he’s got to tackle with Vladimir Putin who’ll find it even easier.

His policy utterances have been vague. All we do know is that we can expect mass deportations of immigrants, the repeal of Obamacare, a wall near Mexico being built, large tax cuts for the wealthy, infrastructure projects and a protectionist trade policy. A lot of these policies are Republican orthodoxy, other than his protectionist trade policy.

The desire for Amercians to want change is legitimate, the person to offer that change as president should have been Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders would have made America again, without having to use racism and misogyny to enthuse his vote base. If Americans wanted protectionism, he’d have given it to them. Want cheap college education for your child, Sanders would be your man. Given the resources of the Democratic National Convention, he’d have a great chance of building a coalition that appeals to white blue-collar workers and minority groups.

Sadly that option wasn’t available to Americans on the ballot. They had to choose between Trump or Hillary Clinton, who was the personification of the establishment. Hillary Clinton has to be the second most controversial candidate to run in an election, after Donald Trump himself. She was the typical technocrat who expertly knew the operations of Washington, she didn’t know how to transform America. Her policies were hacks of the current system rather than grand redesigns attempting the solve certain problems head on. This, her personality and the email scandal that plagued most of her presidential campaign undermined her capacity to touch the sentiment of a key demographic that she needed to win a few more votes from. Ultimately she was hated by a large segment of the population, if a candidate stood against him with favourable ratings they would have destroyed Donald Trump.

The troubles associated with Hillary Clinton do not justify a vote for Trump. Donald Trump’s sins far outweigh Clinmton’s in seriousness, Hillary Clinton also has the right temperant unlike Trump. Donald Trump, moreover, has told conspiracy theories about how the election was rigged if he were to lose and has shown willingness to abandon a key principle of the American political system: the rule of law. His narcisstic and antisocial behavioural tendencies make him a demagogue, yet he is gullible to new suggestions and fueled by bigotry. It’s feasible to think of Trump radicalising his already extreme proposals over his tenure as president to fuel his dark personality traits.

Ultimately the electorate should voted Hillary Clinton, not as an indication of support for the direction she wanted to take the US down, but rather because Donald Trump shouldn’t get anywhere near the White House. I don’t normally advocate negative voting, i.e. when you vote against a candidate rather than voting because you agree with their agenda, but in this election it was a must. The Americans ultimately didn’t have the sense to do it in the key battleground states, despite it becoming clearer Clinton will have won the popular vote.

He’s most certainly the worst candidate to run for the Presidency in American history, yet he has the potential to shape American politics for a generation due to the need to make appointments on the Supreme Court. He now has the opportunity to ensure the Supreme Court has a conservative edge to it for a generation, which will make it much harder for liberals to influence the social agenda of the country.

His demagogic and racist tendencies ensure that Trump (and quite a few of his followers) are not conservatives, but authoritarians. He has shown willingness to ignore international diplomatic conventions as well as the very constitution of his country. He is a proto-fascist. Given the right conditions he could develop further behavioural traits that you’d associate with fascists.

Donald Trump is a threat to the interests of the US, it is up to him to prove otherwise.

This is my first blog post in a while. Please forgive me if the quality of the post isn’t up to scratch.

Gareth Mawer
I consider myself a left libertarian committed to promoting the philosophy of liberty, even though I do not always support proposals that are normally considered libertarian. Georgism and mutualism have had profound influences over my beliefs, though I'm not afraid to digress from them were necessary. My mains interests are politics, economics and philosophy.