Comments Policy

Despite being a blog that promotes free expression, the Mutualist desires to be a source of high quality debate. This means there will be a strict comment policy on this blog.

To ensure there is a high standard of debate on this blog, I recommend that those who wish to comment follow these guidelines:

  • Try to understand others remarks before posting a reply.
  • If unclear about what another is saying, ask them to clarify their terminology.
  • Attack the argument, not the person making the argument.
  • Think heavily about your own arguments before posting. Ask yourself: what flaws could someone find in my own argument and position?
  • Be polite to the people you are debating with. Clarity is the best way to make the truth clear, offending others isn’t.
  • Imagine, analyse, think, analyse, think, imagine, write, analyse, think and then post.
  • If you are using terminology in a specific sense or terminology that is atypical, define it! You are responsible for making your own view clear. The reader is responsible to try understand what you have stated.
  • Back up what you say with evidence or have evidence at the ready if another poster decides to scrutinise what you say.
  • Don’t be offended if others disagree with you. Being insecure about your beliefs will not help you find enlightenment. Disagreement and being proven wrong are the best ways to discover truth.
  • If you claim to have the Truth, do expect others to scrutinise you much harder than your average poster.

The Mutualist will promote free speech as much as possible without compromising the quality of debate on this blog. If you want unrestricted free speech, please set up your own blog.

The following are the type of comments I will delete or not accept:

  • Abusive messages, especially ones including hate speech
  • Irrelevant comments
  • Spam
  • Ad hominen  attacks

Any comments that could be deemed to be libel will also be immediately taken down. As I am unfamiliar every issue going on the world as well as not being a lawyer, if a reader detects a comment that could be considered libel please get in contact with the Mutualist at I will seek to remove any comment or even post that could be considered libel immediately.