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  • David Cameron: The Verdict

    David Cameron
    After six years of being Prime Minster, the former leader of the Conservative party has resigned. His resignation was an inevitable consequence of failing to win the EU referendum in favour of Remain, which will be the biggest highlight of his legacy. Whether that highlight will be deemed a positive or negative for the country is something that can only be determined over the next couple of decades at the very least. What is certain is that his failure condemned him to resign his position about four years earlier than he anticipated.
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  • Brexit! What now for the Left?

    New Labour
    By a margin of 52-48, Britain decided to leave the European Union. The author of the Mutualist, me, decided to vote Remain, primarily due to the fear that Brexit would lead to big shift towards the right in the political spectrum. So far the Left have done little to encourage me that my fear was wrong. Unless Jeremy Corbyn resigns before a leadership contest is held, the Labour party will split in two. Progressives outside of Labour have also essentially stated that the referendum result should be ignored. Both of these are highly damning of the left as a whole.